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Dirs. Ben Kalina, Kiley Kraskouskas, Michael Blain, Julia MacNelly, and Tom Ellis
Documentary | 90 min.

SATURDAY, March 19, 2016 - Chilmark Community Center

Discussion to follow with the directors, moderated by Brian Newman, former CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute, board chair of Rooftop Films, and founder of Sub-Genre

Documentary filmmakers are an international tribe of truth seekers. Meet several up-and-comers brave enough to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our times—from the refugee camps in Serbia, to the climate talks in Paris, to the labor uprising at Walmart. Each of our three featured filmmaking teams will share 10-15 minutes of their new film and ask for your feedback. You are an essential part of the tribe, and they want your eyes on their work.


DEAR WALMART with Michael Blain
Dear Walmart tells the intimate and behind-the-headlines stories of workers who have joined a national grassroots movement that has been pushing back against disrespect, workplace hazards, and poverty wages from the largest private employer in the world. In doing so, the film shows how the very act of speaking out and standing up has profound and transformational effects upon the workers and their families. Via in-store organizing and actions, Black Friday strikes, small group meetings, community outreach, national gatherings of workers, and online conversations with thousands of employees, Walmart associates have been building a movement that has already compelled the retail giant to make changes.

Decades of climate activism have targeted one goal: cut carbon dioxide emissions. But what if we’re already too late? Could a set of controversial, untested technologies be the only hope left to avoid a climate catastrophe? Featuring the filmmaker, Ben Kalina, Plan C for Civilization travels around the globe, with behind-the-scenes coverage of the landmark COP21 climate talks in Paris and exclusive access to the unfolding stories of three geoengineering projects, to discover what this new age of environmental activism could mean for us all.

Working on their feature documentary, Vineyarders Julia MacNelly and Tom Ellis just spent a month filming in Serbia. They write, “Hopefulness and hopelessness collide in this documentary about refugees in Serbia, either in transit or in limbo."




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Brian Newman, founder of Sub-Genre, a consulting company focusing on film distribution and marketing, will moderate the post-screening discussion. Current and former clients of Brian's include Patagonia. Brian has developed film strategies, marketing, and distribution for numerous films, including DamNation, The Fisherman’s Son, and Jumbo Wild.


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