Dir. Bryan Bangerter | Documentary | USA | 2017 | 51 min. (FULL PROGRAM: 2 HRS.)

Discussion to follow with Megan Dickerson, who will then lead a free 45-minute workshop on the topic of design for play

What is it? A world within a world, with its own language and mythology... This film follows the creation of a large-scale, village-like art installation at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego. Exhibit developer Megan Dickerson and artist Wes Sam-Bruce guide us through a complicated process that balances community expectations and barriers with our innate desire for playful creativity. Filmmaker Brian Bangerter captures this, and the power of children’s self-directed play in a space designed to support it.

Megan Dickerson is an exhibition experience developer and community organizer whose twenty-year museum career has included work at contemporary art museums, historic sites, and children’s museums. Megan is on the board of the American Alliance of Museums' National Association for Museum Exhibition, and is one of the first Americans to earn a master's degree in play and playwork, a practice that originated on adventure playgrounds in the United Kingdom and in Scandinavia. She speaks regularly on play and urbanism at conferences, and her research work has recently been published in the book Practice-Based Research in Children’s Play.

Free for educators!

Saturday, March 17, 2018 - Chilmark School


Sponsored by the Martha's Vineyard Museum