Dirs. Liv Colliander, Sean George, David Henry Gerson, Jamie Howard,
Sara Nesson, Ken Wentworth, AND Liz Witham | Various Genres | 52 min.

Discussion to follow with the directors and writers

Celebrate Vineyard filmmakers! Explore local waters with director Jamie Howard and anglers Jaimie Boyle and Dave Skok. Get serenaded by Lexie Roth as she drives around Aquinnah. The Gay Head Lighthouse also makes a debut in Liz Witham’s film. Ken Wentworth takes us to a completely different island, in Micronesia. Sara Nesson draws back the curtain on Hollywood's women who create musical scores. (You may even recognize some soundtracks from films the MVFF has played!) Sean George will make you laugh with a comedic household routine. Meanwhile, David Henry Gerson transports us to a theater troupe in the past.

Sunday, March 18, 2018- Chilmark School

DRIVE | Dir. Liv Colliander / Prod. Lexie Roth | Music Video | 4 min.
GET UP AND GO | Dir. Sean George | Comedy | 3 min.
ALL THESE VOICES | Dir. David Henry Gerson | Drama | 14 min.
RUNNING THE COAST | Dir. Jamie Howard | Documentary | 10 min.
WOMEN WHO SCORE | Dir. Sara Nesson | Documentary | 12 min.
BERNADETTE'S TARO PATCH | Dir. Ken Wentworth | Documentary | 5 min.
KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT | Dir. Liz Witham | Documentary | 3 min.