vineyard shorts

Dirs. Charlie Cole, Tom Ellis, Chris Fischer, Conor Hagen, Julia MacNelly, Georgia and Len Morris, Jake Moskow, Danielle Mulcahy, Clara Smith, and Liz Witham

Short Films | Various Genres | 60 min.

Discussion to follow with the directors and writers

SUNDAY, March 19, 2017- Chilmark School

Come celebrate Vineyard filmmakers! Chris Fischer and Conor Hagen present a day in the life of Menemsha fishing icon Hershel West. After visiting refugee camps in Serbia last year, Julia MacNelly and Tom Ellis turned their footage into a short film. Nancy Aronie joins MVFF staff in a narrative by Reece Robinson. Be among the first to see some of Georgia and Len Morris’s newest project, in India. Danielle Mulcahy breathes some Island air into a music video—shot inside the former Marine Hospital in Vineyard Haven—for local musician Neil Howl. James and Charlie Cole craft a story about a young man on Chappaquiddick—rumor has it there's been a flamingo sighting. Liz Witham shares an intimate ode to her grandmother Trudy Taylor, the beloved Island matriarch.

MONO NO AWARE | Dir. Reece Robinson | Drama | 3 min.

HERSHEL | Dirs. Conor Hagen and Chris Fischer | Documentary | 7 mins.

MARMALADE | Dir. Charlie Cole | Drama | 15 min.

BROTHERS: A STORY OF PEACE | Dirs. Julia MacNelly and Tom Ellis | Documentary | 6 min.

GENERATION FORWARD | Dirs. Len and Georgia Morris | Documentary | 6 min.

TRUDY TAYLOR | Dir. Liz Witham | Documentary | 10 min.

OURS & HOURS | Dir. Danielle Mulcahy | Music Video | 4 min.

ABOVE THE MIST | Dir. Jake Moskow | Aerial Photography |
1 min.






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