vineyard shorts

Dirs. Brooke Adams, Lynne Adams, Maddie Goldberg, Daniel McGuire, Danielle Mulcahy, Justin Simpkins, Elina Street, Ken Wentworth, and Liz Witham | Various Genres | 72 min.

SUNDAY, March 20, 2016 - Chilmark School

Discussion to follow with the directors and writers


Nine Vineyard filmmakers visit a variety of subjects. Sisters Lynne and Brooke Adams star in It’s All Downhill from Here, a comical webisode series about two aging sisters coming together for one final movie project. Elina Street directs and stars in a silent film about one character’s love of movies. Daniel McGuire gives us a peek into the lives of the dunk-tank clowns at the MV Ag Fair. Music, film, and dance collide in Danielle Mulcahy’s cinematic art. Ken Wentworth and Liz Witham consider the future of our island and the importance of educating youth to become habitat stewards. Spend some time with Noli and Isaac Taylor in a portrait of family life on the Vineyard. Justin Simpkins delivers a stunning portrait of a man who is letting go and saying goodbye.

Special Pricing: $5 members / $10 general admission


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