vineyard shorts
Dirs. Anthony Arkin, mara ditchfield, Conor Hagen, galen mayhew, reece robinson, justin simpkins
Various genres | U.S.A. |  61 min.

SUNDAY, March 22, 2015 - Chilmark School
Discussion to follow with the directors and writers

Five young Vineyard filmmakers tackle a wide variety of
subjects in four short films. In Mara Ditchfield’s searing film
set in the depths of winter on Martha’s Vineyard, a young
mom addicted to heroin tries, on her final day of mandatory
sobriety, to gain visitation rights to her daughter. Reese
Robinson and Galen Mayhew juxtapose the beauty of the
Vineyard with the sadness of their lead character. Justin
Simpkins profiles young Island artist Forrest D’Olympia.
Peter Stray pens and stars in Anthony Arkin’s film about an
actor who is struggling to reconcile his experience on his
last film while recording its DVD commentary.

PROMISES | Dirs. Galen Mayhew and Reece Robinson | 3 min.

APEX | Dir. Justin Simpkins | 3 min.

YOU WERE SO GREAT IN THIS SCENE | Dir. Anthony Arkin | 15 min.
(Written by and featuring Vineyard resident Peter Stray)

THE SPALDING OYSTER: Johnny Hoy and the Great Pond | Dir. Conor Hagen | 10 min.

DAY 90 | Dir. Mara Ditchfield | 30 min.



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