shorts FOR All ages  

Sunday, March 19, 1:00 p.m.

at Pathways Gathering Space

 Short Films | Various Genres | 60 min.

Be transported by captivating films from around the world. Experience a summer camp where marshmallows sing and horses become unicorns. Laugh at a sausage that risks all to be with his true love, a loaf of bread. See the ordinary become extraordinary—magic is everywhere!


The Lighthouse
Dir. Simon Scheiber
Austria | 2015

A lighthouse keeper’s surprising discovery pulls him out of his monotonous daily routine and takes him on a journey into uncharted territory. Made with over 14,000 photographs, The Lighthouse is a neo-noir stop-motion animation crafted by two hands over the course of seven years.


Dir. Josefine Häßler
Germany | 2015

The sausage inside the fridge falls in love with the bread outside on the kitchen table. Driven by love and desire, it tries everything to reach the other side of the fridge door…

A Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse
Dirs. Kevin Roger, Hugo Jean, Camille Chaix, Marie Pillier, and Juliette Jourdan | France | 2015

A Fox hunts a mouse, but after an unfortunate event the mouse saves the fox from certain death and they become friends.


Summer Camp Island
Dir. Julia Pott
U.S.A. | 2015

Oscar has to accept that his totally normal sleepover with Hedgehog isn't going to be totally normal.  

Dir. Rawan Rahim
Lebanon / France | 2015

Lilou is extremely sensitive and curious, but also crippled by an unbearable shyness. She receives the power to
see into people's pasts, and that forces her
out of her introversion.

Dirs. Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez | Spain | 2015

In a busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But...what is the correct path?