School Programs

Made by kids in the documentary filmmaking workshop (at the March 2014 festival)
Edited By Reece Robinson and Elina Street

Investigative Documentary with the High School

The MVFF staff works with seniors in high school to investigate a subject through documentary filmmaking. In it's inaugural year students made films about transgender rights, immigrant equality, the discipline code at the school, a beloved football coach, and the vocational department.





At the Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury, and Chilmark Libraries, we have offered film literacy classes for preschool-aged children to provide them with experience decoding and interpreting film. The children watch short films from around the world and discuss the stories and filmmaking techniques they observed. They explore how the sound, visual effects, and the filmmakers' framing choices effect the way they feel about the stories. Hands-on activities help crystallize their learning.


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Fourth Grade Filmmaking

The MVFF collaborated with local theater artists Brooke Hardman and Elissa Lash to create a theater and filmmaking workshop for fourth grade students that was rooted in their language arts and science curricula. Animal adaptations provided the content for a series of short films and a play that explore how animals have adapted to their environments in order to survive.




Animation in the Chilmark School

The head of the school, Susan Stevens, approached the MVFF about creating a filmmaking project to explore the issue of bullying. Working in mixed-age groups, students wrote scripts, recorded dialogue, and used iStopmotion software to create animated short films that explore creating positive school culture. Watch "Treating Each Other Well"--a documentary of the project and culmination of the students' animations.



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