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When your eyes need a break from the screen take time to relax in the HAY CAFE, where you can enjoy CONVERSATION, FARM-TO-TABLE MEALS, and LIVE MUSIC. See our ART WALK & SILENT AUCTION in the Community Center lobby. And, of course, walk the beaches and trails, or just sit by our fire pit!


Art Walk & Silent Auction


We are continuing to weave in many types of self-expression, from film to music, food, and art. When your eyes need a break from the screen, take the time to stroll around the Community Center lobby, keeping an eye out for the art pieces on display (and for sale) by Vineyard artists. To place a bid in the silent auction, simply find the clipboard associated with the piece of art. Here you’ll have the chance to celebrate and support both the MVFF as well as some of the beautiful, blooming creativity on the Vineyard, including works by Taylor Stone, Althea Freeman-Miller, Abraham Pieciak, and others. Local artists Ken Vincent and Traeger DiPietro will be unleashing their combined creativity this year with live painting demos and projection.


Music & Meals

Photo By maria thibodeau 

Photo By maria thibodeau 

Intermissions are an essential part of your MVFF experience, so we hope you will hang out in the Hay Café, listen to music, and enjoy a conversation between screenings. Farm-to-table meals will be prepared by Robert Lionette of Morning Glory Farm. Or grab a quick snack from the Hay Café! Organic, fresh-off-the-cob Morning Glory popcorn with MV Sea Salt, select sweets and treats, and a hot cup of coffee or tea from Chilmark Coffee Company are the perfect addition to any movie. Throughout the weekend there will also be musical performances featuring local musicians, including the Pickpocket All-Star String Band.