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We are seeking energetic, innovative thinkers for the following positions:

Teaching Artists
We will be hiring part-time teachers for out in-school and after-school programs in the fall and spring. Email résumé and cover letter to brian@tmvff.org.

Adobe Premiere Editor
We are looking to hire a part-time film editor who works in Adobe Premiere and has experience editing documentary-style content. The ideal candidate is comfortable sifting through large amounts of footage to find the story, and has experience ingesting media and managing a 4K workflow through post. Email résumé and cover letter to hilary@tmvff.org.

We're looking for an additional projectionist to join our tech team! This team is essential—making sure we have clear sound and picture for our screenings, adapting to a variety of venues and event details. Skills and duties include setting up, aligning, and running projectors, wiring microphones, and using a basic sound mixer. The ideal candidate is also able to move moderately heavy equipment, can organize cables correctly, and is comfortable working as part of the existing tech team or able to run lead on an event, depending on skill level and previous experience. Email résumé and cover letter to hilary@tmvff.org.