Island Earth

Dir. Cyrus Sutton | Documentary | U.S.A. | 2017 | 61 min.

Discussion to follow with director Cyrus Sutton

SATURDAY, March 18, 2017- Chilmark Community Center


Beyond the beautiful surf and lushness of Hawaii exists a complicated relationship—between growing food sufficient for an expanding population, and the use of GMO crops. Emmy-winning filmmaker and professional surfer Cyrus Sutton shows us what decades of mostly unfettered agricultural and chemical experimentation has done to the land and people of Hawaii. He introduces us to a community which is standing up and saying enough is enough. They speak out against corporations raining pesticides down on their farmlands, schools, and neighborhoods. And they fight back against the corporate model of food production, empowering themselves by taking control of their own.

Cyrus Sutton is a director and writer, known for Island Earth (2016) and Stoked & Broke (2010). He is an Emmy-Award winning filmmaker and the creative director of KorduroyTV. Sutton was born and raised in southern California, the son of divorced college professors, and bounced between their Fullerton and Long Beach homes. At age 8, he started riding waves with a friend on a bodyboard, and three years later began standup surfing with his father. He took to longboarding quickly and had a brief run of amateur success, winning the juniors division of the Rabbit Kekai Longboard Classic in 1999, and the 2001 Longboard East Coast Surfing Championships. 

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