family shorts



60 minutes
Pathways Gathering Space

The new girl in class won't take off her bunny mask, a Scottish man is pants-less, a crab can't find the right shell to call a home, and your big brother is an actual giant! Join us for a series of fun and unusual short films from around the world.



65 minutes
Pathways Gathering Space

Imagine a world where aliens look like potatoes, office paper comes alive, a penguin is afraid of the ocean, and you can travel the globe by dancing. Welcome to a world of adventures!


Family Films From Brazil

94 minutes
Pathways Gathering Space

When his "Bá" (from “Bachan,” grandma in Japanese) is brought to live in his house, little Bruno's life is turned upside down.

In the visually stunning Oscar-nominated Boy and the World, an adventurous boy embarks on a quest to find his father.




Thank you to the workshop and screening sponsor, MVTV