finding your roots with henry louis gates, jr.

Dirs. XX | Documentary Television Series | U.S.A. | 2016 | 75 min.

DAY, March XX, XX:XX a.m. - Chilmark School

Discussion to follow with series host and MVFF board member Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


Accomplished Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is an American historian, literary critic, filmmaker, and public intellectual. He has also been hosting events at the MVFF for several years. For the first time, he is offering a unique and in-depth look behind the scenes of his show, Finding Your Roots. The PBS series continues to compel audiences with emotional moments that enrich our national discussion on race, ethnicity, and identity. As host and writer, Professor Gates adds wit and wisdom as he unearths the family histories of influential people helping to shape our national identity, fostering multicultural understanding.