The Future of Farming:
Five Short FIlms
Dirs. Bridget Besaw, elise hugus, nora mandray, Ken Wentworth, and Elizabeth Witham
Documentary | U.S.A. | 73 min.

SATURDAY, March 21, 2015 -  Chilmark Community Center

Today, all across America, huge tracts of land are
changing hands. New strategies are implemented. Young
and old work together to do good, to make sure the
next generation of farmers care for the land, the animals,
and the people. These five films insightfully document
oyster cultivation on Cape Cod, the seed library here on
Martha’s Vineyard, urban farming in Detroit, an artisan
butcher circumventing the industrialized food system, and a hopeful tale of young farmers in Maine.

3 ACRES IN DETROIT | Nora Mandray | Detroit, MI | 12 min.

PIG NOT PORK | Bridget Besaw | Wales, ME | 13 min.

SEEDING A DREAM | Bridget Besaw | Whitefield, ME | 16 min.

SUSTAINABLE VINEYARD: The Story of Seeds | Ken Wentworth and Elizabeth Witham | Martha's Vineyard, MA | 16 min.

THE WATERSHED | Elise Hugus | Woods Hole, MA | 16 min.
(Animation by Vineyard resident Jeremy Mayhew)




Photo by eli dagostino

Photo by eli dagostino

FARMERS' BREAKFAST: SATURDAY at 10:30 a.m. in the Hay Café
After watching THE FUTURE OF FARMING on Saturday morning, enjoy breakfast with members of the Vineyard's burgeoning, dedicated community of farmers. The films will give you plenty to take about as you savor a fine meal prepared by Morning Glory Farm's head farm kitchen chef, Robert Lionette.

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