family shorts
Germany / U.s.a. / U.k. / Canada / France / Czech Republic / croatia / japan / norway / spain | 68 min.

SATURDAY, March 21, 2015 -  Chilmark School


Find out what happens when two sheep discover their
lamb saying “moo” instead of “baa.” After being
discarded in a busy toy factory, two misshapen toys set
off on an adventure in a big city. What do you do when
you’re a dragon who breathes bubbles instead of fire?
Have you ever wanted to jump into a magical world
made of frosting, creams, and cakes? Embark on countless adventures in this year’s family shorts program!

Dirs. Gottfried Mentor, Joel Simon, Eva Cvijanovic,
Delphine Le Courtois, Martin Máj, Eva Jalušić, Mari
Miyazawa, Annette Saugestad Helland, Pedro Solís
García, Julia Ocker, Limbert Fabian, and Brandon

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