E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Dir. Steven Spielberg | Adventure / Science Fiction | U.S.A. | 1982 | 115 min. | Rated PG

This is one of the most beloved, heartwarming films in Spielberg’s long, storied career (50 films and counting), and like other classics he’s made—Jaws (July 5)—it bears repeated viewing. Especially in summer, and outside! If you’ve watched his latest, Ready Player One (or The Post last year), you can marvel at the director’s range of subject matter. Or just be moved and thrilled, yet again (or for the first time), by his favorite themes: childhood, adventure, adventure in childhood, aliens, intelligent life (on Earth and elsewhere), the kindness of strangers. Can we/you/I ever go home again? Make the call...

Rain date: Wednesday, August 1

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