Dirs. Christopher Murphy and Justin Taylor Smith | Documentary | U.S.A. / Canada | 2017 | 63 min.

Join snowboarders Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Robin Van Gyn, and Austen Sweetin on an expedition into the vast wilderness of British Columbia, where perfectly iced treetops sway in the freezing winds, and jagged mountain peaks both beckon and terrify from afar. Watch as they weave through ancient cedar groves thousands of years old, jump off absurdly steep rock faces, slide off snow pillows, and explore some of the best backcountry, the furthest temperate inland rainforest on the planet. Of course, this foray includes the occasional breakneck-speed tumble, but even that looks graceful when Kishi Bashi is serenading you through the speakers.

Friday, March 16, 2018 - Chilmark School


Sponsored by The Green Room