Bicycling With Molière

SUNDAY, March 16, 2014, Chilmark Community Center

Dir. Philippe Le Guay
Comedy | France | 2013 | 104 min.
In French and Italian, with English subtitles

A once great actor, Serge Tanneur (Fabrice Luchini, The Women on the 6th Floor), has retired from the limelight. He lives in solitude, spending his time cycling through the windswept landscape of the Île de Ré off the west coast of France. Fellow actor Gauthier Valence (Lambert Wilson), whose career is flying high, is planning a production of Molière's play “The Misanthrope” and wants to offer Serge a leading role. They rehearse together for a week. Things look to be going well, especially when a mysterious Italian divorcee (Maya Sansa) appears.