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Best of the Big Top - Volume 3

THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 5:30 pm, Harbor View Hotel, Edgartown
Canada / U.S.A. / Hungary / South Africa / Mexico | 55 min.
Ages 3-10

Innocent play near a toilet creates quite a problem for a young boy. A tenacious young detective seeks out information about the proverb, “Great fire erupts from tiny sparks.” A clever Inuit man defends his land against encroaching developers. A faithful backpack keeps its
owner out of harm’s way. Fly away with a tenacious ant. A young girl
becomes enchanted by a wise old man who leads Monarch butterflies
through a village and to safety. A neurotic man lives next door to
mellow older couple; a mountain of garbage sets in motion needed
change for all. 

Check out this trailer for one of the films from this week's program! 

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