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  • Best of the Big Top - Volume 2

    THURSDAY, JULY 25, 5:30 pm, Harbor View Hotel, Edgartown
    Canada / U.S.A. / U.K / Netherlands / Australia / Italy | 57.5 min. Ages 3-10

    A young girl prepares to be huge like her dad, only to find another fate. A classic tale of small fish being eaten by bigger fish is amazingly crated in sand in the world’s largest stop-motion film production to date. Alone in an indifferent world, a young woman follows a white fox through the subway to a beautiful discovery. A shy Korean girl befriends an Aussie boy
    with the help of her sixteen-course lunch and his love of rugby.
    Mr. Morris Lessmore loves books; whimsically told through animated
    books, this film spins quite an adventure! The everlasting battle
    between good and evil is played out in a cardboard model car race

    Check out this trailer for one of the films from this week's program!