Dirs. Skip Armstrong, Brendan Calder, RC Cone, Darren Durlach, Anson Fogel, David Larson, Jørn Nyseth Ranum, Stian Smestad, Ben Sturgulewski, and Taylor Toole
 Documentary Short Films | Italy / Iceland / Norway / U.S.A. | 77 min. 

Discussion with director Taylor Toole and film subject Nick Briggs to follow the Sunday screening

FRIDAY, March 17, 2017- Chilmark School

SUNDAY, March 19, 2017 PM - Chilmark School

Bold undertakings, often risky and without any assurance of outcome, have long captured the hearts and minds of individuals and societies as a whole. As we move into a time when it seems our every action is tracked, tagged, and tweeted, and our wild spaces are mapped, sold, and harnessed, we may question our ability to truly “get lost.” From a pop-up skate park on the Norwegian coast, to a quiet Santa Barbara surf session, to the most intimate journeys into the self, join a new class of thrill seekers capturing the true spirit of exploration.

CASCADA Dirs. Anson Fogel & Skip Armstrong | U.S.A.

HAYLEY: 90 SECONDS ABOUT FEAR | Dir. Stian Smestad | U.S.A.

THE ACCORD | Dir. RC Cone | Iceland

SNOWFLAKE | Dir. Ben Sturgulewski | U.S.A.

THROW | Dirs. Darren Durlach & David Larson | U.S.A.

MOT NORD (NORTHBOUND) | Dir. Jørn Nyseth Ranum | Norway

GREY | Dir. Brendan Calder | U.S.A.

AFTER WORK | Dir. Taylor Toole | U.S.A.

WHEN WE WERE KNIGHTS | Dir. Anson Fogel | U.S.A.


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